Sep 27, 2010

The Los Angeles Angels' Offseason Part 2

Upon writing the first blog about the Los Angeles Angels' off season, I was asked a question regarding the financial numbers of the Angels and how they can afford to pay for some of the acquisitions that I think they will make and that I wrote about in the conclusion of that blog. This is the answer I gave and I decided it best to post here as to ensure that others don't have the same questions or concerns about what I was writting

If you have no clue what I am talking about please read the previous blog first

Heres how i figured it out

Carl Crawford's 118 mil over 7 is on average 16 mil a year.
Adrian Beltre's 37 mil over 3 is on average 12 mil a year.

if you consider who  said the Angels would drop or trade you have

Hideki Matsui -6 mil
Scot Shields -5.35 mil
Juan Rivera -5.25 mil
Mike Napoli -3.6 mil
Jeff Mathis -1.3 mil
Kevin Jepsen -415k
Kevin Frandsen -410k
Justin Speier -5.25milwe stop paying him after 2010 Season)

That's approximately 27.575 mil coming off the books going into the 2011 season. Of course that is also assuming the Angels are able to shed the entire contracts of Rivera and Napoli

Now say they payed Crawford the 16 mil and Beltre the 12 mil next year (which is very unlikely as contracts are often back heavy paying the player more as the contract gets closer to the end) that would be taking on 28 mil plus of course multiple arbitration cases.

 Then we cant forget that starting in 2012 the Angels will no longer be paying the 11 mil of Gary Matthews Jr's contract, possibly be shed of Bobby Abreu's 9 mil, Joel Pineiro's 8 mil, Fernando Rodney's 5.5 mil. So there is plenty of contracts coming off the books. There are even more in 2012.

With the extra income surrounding the All-Star game, the Angels' success over recent years, and Arte Moreno's wealth I don't see it being too much of a problem especially when it greatly increases the Angels' offense, defense and of course their chances to win. If the Angels hope to keep winning there is only one solution and that is spending money to fix problem areas. If they want to compete they need one of two things

1. Willingness to Spend
2. Rich farm system

Since they dont seem to have the greatest farm system, they will need to spend or go through a lengthy rebuilding stage. But I dont see Arte Moreno waving the white flag in 2011 or beyon.

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