Oct 3, 2010

My Dear Prince

As the 2009 trade deadline approached, everyone was hoping and praying that their team would acquire a great player, whether it be a current headliner, or a future superstar. We saw Cliff Lee move from cold and cloudy Seattle, Washington to humid and hot Arlington, Texas. Roy Oswalt joined the 2008 World Champs while his ex-teammate Lance Berkman was shipped up to the Brox. Dan Haren fashioned on a new Halo and San Diego added veterans Miguel Tejada and Ryan Ludwick to their lineup.

While all of these big names were on the move, another royal name remained in his native colors of navy and gold. The Prince remained in Miller Park.

Although Prince Fielder remained with his team at the trade deadline, many speculate that he could possibly be on the move this off season should the Brewers once again make him available. Some could argue that the Brewers would be better off holding onto Prince until the trade deadline in hopes of raising his trade value. I would however disagree. The Brewers would likely get more if another team was allowed to control him for a full season.

Now lets have some fun shall we, and list a few teams that may have interest in having a Prince in their presence.

Boston Red Sox
The most obvious suitor, in my opinion, for Prince Fielders services in the Boston Red Sox. Should they decide to watch Beltre walk during the off season, the Sox would be primed to fill his hole. Without much effort, they could slide Youkilis back over to third base and let Fielder play first. There is no doubt that Prince Fielder's extreme power would work well within the hitter friendly confines of Fenway Park. There in no doubt that every Yankee fan would tense up a bit with the though of Fielder walking to the plate at Yankee Stadium with "Boston" written across the front of his jersey.

Atlanta Braves
Much like the Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves will have a wide open spot available for Prince Fielder on the roster. With the likely departure of Derrek Lee and Troy Glaus, the first base position is there for the taking. The Braves could also use some much needed power in the middle of their lineup. The combination of Fielder and Heyward would definitely become dangerous. With the addition of Prince Fielder, I think the Braves become even better that they are now, 90 wins and all. With their lineup and pitching you could be looking at a 100+ win team.

New York Mets
Should the Mets decide to part with Ike Davis in a deal, they could add Prince Fielders amazing power to the lineup in support of current stars like David Wright and Jose Reyes. The Mets might be able to use some extra pop behind Wright and should they figure out their pitching concerns, they could become a very, very lethal team.

San Francisco Giants
Will they ever get that power bat they've been searching for? Well, this could be the perfect opportunity. While Huff has been playing a very good first base, there is no denying that Prince is the better player. Of course Huff is the least expensive of the two. I look at this similar to the Braves: With a power bat in the middle of an already good lineup and a great pitching staff, the Giants could find themselves in a position to wil the NL West Division for many years (should they also decide to extend Prince.)

Chicago White Sox
With Paul Konerko possibly leaving Chicago, the Sox could possibly be searching for a replacement. There is no doubt that Fielder could make an impact with the White Sox and help them finally out duel the Minnesota Twins. We all know that Kenny Williams will try almost anything to win. You can put in on the booaaarrrd.....maybe!

Texas Rangers
It seems like the Rangers were acquiring a new player every week during the month of July. There's no reason to believe that they won't try their luck again this off season. With Justin Smoak departing and Chris Davis being nothing special, the Rangers could be looking for an impact first baseman. With new management and a rich farm system the Rangers could potentially have the pieces to get such a deal done.

Oakland A's
Now here is a bit of an unexpected team. With their great young pitching staff, all the A's need is a good offense to find themselves as legitimate contenders. Adding Prince's bat would certainly add a spark to an underwhelming lineup. Also, as we've all seen, Billy Beane is willing to acquire star players and resell them should things not work out.

Los Angeles Angels/Dodgers
I combine these two because they would seemingly both have the same reasons for acquiring Prince Fielder and that would simply be resignability. Fielder is from Ontario, California and would possibly be interested in signing an extension to go home. However both of these scenarios are extremely unlikely as both teams seem content with their first basemen. He would either have to accept being a DH (in the Angels' case) or either team would have to include their own first basemen in a deal of some sort.


  1. I could see Prince moving to the Dodgers in maybe a Chad Billinsgley, James Loney for Prince Fielder and Matt Gamel type of deal working?

  2. Yeah, I could see the Dodgers being interested in such a deal although I think it would cost them at least 1 or 2 minor league talent as well. My only concerns for the Dodgers in that deal is whether or not they would be able to afford an extension for Prince.

  3. Yeah very true but they do have a lot of money coming off the books and i know a lot of that money goes to pierre, jones, manny, and schimidt but they still have some money and maybe with them trading Blake(6 million), Broxton(7 Million), and Martin(5 million). I think Ned Colletti would be able to pull it off. It will be a long hard process but just throwing it out there. The Brewers want pitching and they get a nice cheap young SP in Billingsley along with Loney who is a pretty solid contact hit for a monster.

  4. Would the Braves give up Freeman and a solid pitching prospect for Fielder?

  5. he going to boston red sox this is the lineup for 2010 jacoby,pedroia,fielder,youkilis,ortiz,werth,drew,navarro,scutaro

  6. Kind of surprised the Orioles weren't mentioned here as they have a desperate need for a middle of the order bat and have the pitching Milwaukee seeks...

  7. I can see the Mets picking him up but i really wouldn't like them to let go of Ike Davis so for me i wouldn't try it.

  8. Brewers apparently passed up a Daniel Hudson for Prince Fielder trade. Too bad for them.

    I could see Prince in Boston, filling the void of left handed over weight power hitters that David Ortiz will leave and long before him Mo Vaugn filled.

    I don't see the White Sox as an option as Fielder would walk after 2011 and Kenny would want a longer term option.

    Personally I think the Giants should pony up for him. They need their face of the franchise offensive player.

  9. The Sox will not go after Werth and they wont sign Navarro......

  10. Pedroia, Youkilis, A. Gonzalez, Fielder, Martinez, Drew, Cameron, Kalish, Scutaro

  11. He needs to play in Detroit, just like his father.

  12. 1B: Adrian Gonzalez, 2B: Dustin Pedroia, SS: Marco Scutaro, 3B: Kevin Youkilis, LF: Carl Crawford, CF: Jacoby Ellsbury, RF: Jason Werth, C: Victor Martinez, DH: Prince Fielder, SP: Cliff Lee, SP: Jon Lester, SP: Clay Buchholz, SP: Josh Beckett, SP: John Lackey, SU: Daniel Bard, CL: Rafael Soriano

  13. 2010 boston red sox lineup
    #2 CF Ellsbury
    #15 2B Pedroia
    #13 LF Crawford
    #20 3B Youkilis
    #28 1B Feilder
    #34 DH Ortiz
    #41 C Martinez
    #7 RF Drew
    #16 SS Scutaro

  14. Uhh who we gonna trade for Fielder. Not Lester or Buchholz. I think we trade elsbury, and a guy like either dubront or casey kelly, and maybe even a B or C level prospect. Fielder or Gonzo for that matter wont be cheap. Then sign Crawford. then you get:

    1.Crawford LF/CF
    2.Pedroia 2B
    3.Fielder 1B
    4.Youkilis 3B
    5.Ortiz DH
    6.Martinez C
    7.Drew RF (wish it weren't true but it is)
    8.Scutaro SS
    9.Kalish LF/CF

    maybe we could get lucky enough to get all three (Fielder, Crawford, Werth) Not likely but 2 of the three is definitely possible, and would give us a killer lineup

  15. C'mon fellow Sox fans: Feilder/Gonzalez, Werth and Lee? We are not the NY Yankees who overpaid for the top 3 Free Agents in 2009 to buy a World Championship.
    Have you seen Prince? He looks like he ate the King and Queen.
    How long will he be productive. Mo Vaughn anyone?
    If we were to get Feilder or Gonzalez it most certainly will cost Ellsbury.
    Perhaps Dice-K for Beltron, Ellsbury for Gonzalez?

  16. I really think the White Sox and Giants make the most sense for Prince. They are mid to large market teams who have the need.

  17. Trade away Papelbon, Ellsbury, and Matzusaka. Get Fielder. May need to involve a 3rd team. Sign Werth. Let V-Mart and Beltre walk. Make Bard the closer. Scutaro UT. Cameron 4TH OF. Varitek back up C.

    Pedroia 2B
    Drew RF
    Youkilis 3B
    Fielder 1B
    Werth LF
    Ortiz DH
    Lowrie SS
    Saltamacchia C
    Kalish CF

    Rotation: Lester, Buchholz, Beckett, Lackey, Wakefield, Doubront.

  18. "Also, as we've all seen, Billy Beane is willing to acquire star players and resell them should things not work out."

    He did it once with Matt Holliday. As in one star player. No need to exaggerate...

  19. Brewers fan here. I personally would like to see a trade along the lines of Ike Davis and Jon Niese for Fielder. That could be do-able.

    I really don't see the Sox (either) trading for Prince. The White Sox don't have what it takes (unless they give up Danks), and the Red Sox would probably prioritize A-Gon over Prince. Rangers I could see, as well as the Giants.

  20. Who3ever these red sox fans are on here writing these ridiculous crazy line-ups you need to check yourself. I do think the red sox will get Prince...but it will require pitching and GOOD pitching. Which the red sox have in the minors. There is no way the Red Sox will be allowed to sign Werth and Crawford...if any of those two at all. The Yankees won't let that happen...and we all know Cliff Lee will be in NY. Soriano won't be on the Red Sox either. What, are you going to make Paps a back up closer? 8th inning guy? Let him walk? Not gonna happen. Paps is the closer. Ortiz won't leave Boston either...imagine him on the Rays or New York which is where he'll go if he doesn't stay in Boston...i think Boston would be really foolish to do that.

  21. What about the Nationals, they have tons of good minor league pitching they could deal away. and they need to replace dunn at first if they dont resign him.

  22. Yeah I can't see the sox going for him, they might but I really think the brewers will want a ton, and I can see the sox trying to get A-gon over Prince, and possibly try to get Werth. I wouldnt' mind crawford I just think he's overvalued. If it cost Ellsbury so be it, Kalish has showed he can play CF. If the dodgers want to move Martin I would inquire. Go with a tandem of salty and martin if they can't resign Victor. Pap isn't going anywhere the Bullpen is so bad it would make no sense to let one of the better arms go even if Bard is ready. They are not going to get Lee, he's gonna be a yankee...why they signed Lackey to a huge deal is beyond me. I would have waited took a big run at lee and see what happened rather then just watching him stroll into new york. I also think papi will stay in boston something like 2 years 10mil a year.

  23. Brewer fan: Why do people think we will give prince away! Ex rumor around here White Sox for a package around G Floyd. And Tampa will get in to and they have the picthing we need! We need a 1or 2 starter for him. Or we can take the draft pich and get or starter.

  24. Being from Milwaukee and a huge Moneyball fan I think Oakland could be a realistic possibility. They have soo much pitching which is exactly what the Brewers need and could shift Hart to 1st.

    The Rangers also make sense with Chris Davis needing a change of scenery and more young arms than a Boys and Girls club....or something.

  25. Fielder will go to the Sox, but all of you fans that are making those lineups, how could none of you include Andre Ethier? Pretty much all of the Dodgers are available, and he's said he would like to go to Boston maybe they should do:
    -Ellsbury, Reddick or Kalish, Kelly, and Richardson for Ethier
    -Paps, Dice-K, and maybe Anderson for Prince
    -And sign Werth or Crawford
    This may sound crazy to all of you Sox haters, but you know its possible

  26. suprised the mariners went mentioned got loads of talent in the farm and prince would work in safeco as a power left hand bat and jack z loves prince

  27. This is fun, let me try!

    Sox in 2011


    Lee, Becket, Lester, Lackey, Clay

  28. Money is the reason the Braves will keep Freddie Freeman as their 1B of the future and pass on Prince. Scratch them off this list.

  29. I kept reading this article looking for reasons why these teams were suitors for a trade but reading it just made it sound as if Prince was a free agent. In none of your possible destinations did you even mention or hint as to what the team could, would, or should give up. Yes. If any of those teams signed him as a free agent, they could definately be a 100 win team. But all those teams that have such great pitching...they're going to have to part with a piece of it to get Fielder. And, while Milwaukee does have a GM horrible enough to make a deal sending Fielder to Atlanta for Lowe or Kawakami, the Braves don't really have the pieces that would make it fit. The Brewers just finally got a mediocre pitcher on an insane contract off the books and don't need another one. Maybe a little more depth to the article before writing it next time to make it more worth a read? I mean it's easy to come off with listing a bunch of possible contenders. You can list any team and say why a power bat is going to help, but if you're going to talk suitors, you should talk teams looking that have the pieces to offer.

  30. I listed a possible offer about 4 hours ago

  31. Another Brewer fan here. I would think Melvin would want both Bowden and Doubront from the Red Sox and he'd include Parra and an A level pitcher with Fielder. Ellsbury is a nice piece, but the Brewers like Lorenzo Cain a lot so Ellsbury and a B level guy would not do it.

    If the Dodgers offered Billingsly and Loney for Fielder and Gamel, Melvin would have to count to 100 just to make it seem like he's thinking that over. That would be a steal for the Brewers.

    The White Sox will be players in this. They won't deal Danks but Floyd and Viciedo would be a very tempting offer. A Viciedo/Gamel platoon could replace a lot of Fielder's production.

    Angels too have the means to get Fielder who'd be a big help in that lineup. But they'd have to part with Ervin Santana in my opinion. I think they have enough pitching with Haren, Weaver and Pineiro that they could spare Santana and replace him with a mid level FA like a Garland but right now they appear to be focusing on Crawford.

  32. first off all u bo sox fans sayin ur gonna start a fuckin all star team next year..can go fuck ur self..lets think in terms of reality here..im a brew crew fan thru n thru and i think its best 2 trade princy for the organization. We need pitching too badly, and I like the mets idea of ike and niese..but i feel u guys arn't actaully giving princy the respect he deserves..ur not gonna be able to throw some trash at us n we'll bite. The crews gonna want alot in return, mlb ready pitching along with a couple good pitching prospects. U have to give talent to get talent..and princy can hit 40+hr's 100+rbi's any given year along wit hittin around 300 avg..i love princy and will continue 2 love him even once he brings us some good arms to help us out over here

  33. This was slightly mentioned, but please stop saying Ellsbury and some minor leaguer for Prince. We're not giving up Prince for another outfielder, we've got 5 of them. If we don't get good pitching for Prince, he won't be traded. We don't need more outfielders, so stop with the Ellsbury talk.

  34. Papelbon, Dice-K, and Anderson for Prince... thats not a good offer?

  35. Brewer fan here...Fielder sucks. i cant stand him. never gets a hit when he needs one. then when he finally does get one he acts like he is god. he is not worth what he is going to be askin. ship his ass out! and braun to!!!

  36. Thanks you to all who commented on and read my post.

    "What about the Nationals, they have tons of good minor league pitching they could deal away. and they need to replace dunn at first if they dont resign him."

    While I agree that he could be a fit in Washington for obvious reasons, I do not see the Nats pursuing such a high priced player mainly because they are not just one piece away from contending. They would be better suited to retain Dunn and look to improve their pitching.

    "suprised the mariners went mentioned got loads of talent in the farm and prince would work in safeco as a power left hand bat and jack z loves prince"

    With the acquisition of Justin Smoak at the all-star break, Fielder would likely become a DH if traded to the Mariners. Don't imagine that Boras would allow one of his top players to limit themselves. Resigning him would be difficult. They would be in the same category as the Angels and Dodgers without the home town advantage.

    While you could make an argument for nearly every team being interested, one could argue that only a team on the cusp of winning would trade away their top prospects to acquire Prince. Every team listed in the blog seem to be that type of team.

  37. Fielder isn't even in the same league as AGon. In 5 years, Agon will still be putting up great numbers and Fielder will be working at Cosco. If the Red Sox make a trade, it will only be for Agon.

  38. Brewers fan from Wiscon, Fielder will be traded for young pitchers with years of arbitration left. The Brewers are gonna want pitchers they can control for years to come. Ellsbury isn't even gonna be considered they have young center fielders and don't need any more. We don't want Papplebon or Dice-K. We just got bad contracts off the books and don't need more (suppan, bill hall, hoffman, doug davis, which frees up about 30 mil and with fielder gone theres another 10-15 mil)... Fielder should go to Tampa or Boston for mlb ready arms and no shitty contracts of vets to take on from those teams. Gamel is gonna play first of right field if Hart is moved to 1st. Moving Prince will but the Brewers in good position to aquire pitching and allow this team to compete with an offense that will still be good.

    Weeks (future all-star)
    Braun (stud)100 RBI
    Hart (all-star)100 RBI
    McGehee 100 RBi

  39. Yeah, there is no way the Brewers trade Fielder for anything involving Ellsbury. Ellsbury becomes arbitration eligible and he's probably going to make a decent amount of coin. The Brewers like what they have in Lorenzo Cain, who's a cheap center fielder for now with a lot of potential. The deal has to be built around pitching for the Brewers to pull the trigger, no secret there.

  40. If The Giants were willing to trade Bumgarner for hart midseason they should be licking their chops to offer him for Fielder.
    I honestly don't see a deal with the Bo Sox. They just aren't offering what the Brewers need, at least nothing respectable.
    The sleeper team to watch is the Orioles. They badly need a face of the Franchise power hitter and have a ton of pitching to offer in return for Fielder.
    The White Sox, if they can't keep Konerko, would need Fielder, but again they just don't have the right pieces to Trade.
    In summary... The Brewers are not a quad AAAA major league farm team. If teams want our prized talent that we developed they need to offer something in return. The idiot Bo Sox fans that think that we are gonna shit a deal to give them Fielder are just plain crazy. We won't take the crap offers they are throwing out.

  41. Fielder won't get traded for pap or ellsbury or any other player that isn't working out for the red sox. But we will take Casey Kelly or clay buchholz or both, then we'll take the 180 mil we offered prince plus the bad contracts we cut a buy cliff lee.


    Sick line up


  42. I think Prince will go to Detroit or the White Sox. I expect one Major league Arm, a major league ready position player and a high ceiling A or AA level pitcher. I guarentee the pitchers will be power arm types.

  43. What about the Blue Jays? Pitching depth. Hole at 1B. Can afford his extension.
    Brett Cecil and Zach Stewart for Fielder

  44. I would could see a three way trade with Milwaukee, Kansas City and a third party to send prospects to KC.

    Fielder to Bos
    Greinke to Milw
    prospects to KC